About me

I like any creation. I am flexible and a quick learner. This subpage is more about me. My name is Karin Koprivňanská and I come from Trenčín.


I graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in Trenčín, specializing in Promotional Art. I engaged in drawing, painting, sculpture, and interior design. Our curriculum was extensive and covered more subjects than other specializations, which meant we couldn't master everything to 100%. Some teachers did not teach us as they should have (I took my final exam in 3ds Max without proper instruction during classes). We also had HTML programming, but it was only for one hour a week for a year, and many of those classes were canceled. However, my passion for creating remains, and I still enjoy it. I strive to improve in everything I do and bring things to the best possible outcome. The portfolio on the website includes works dating back to 2010—practically everything I have created and photographed. I wanted to attend an art university, but I was discouraged by the dictated curricula and the inability to create as I wished. After finishing secondary school, I learned more on my own. Besides art, I was also interested in law and military school. :-P

When you rely on your vision.

At school, we never worked with oil paints in practice. I only kept the style of Realism to Hyper-realism paintings in my imagination. I never edited or processed videos. I never modeled 3D busts. But I decided to give it a try, even without anyone's support. Within a year after school, I painted, drew, and modeled. I documented everything on video and experimented with a green screen.


Painting: 10
Drawing: 33
Clay/Plaster Busts: 3
3D Busts: 3
Abstracts: 6

I documented everything on video so people could see my technique. I haven't had time for landscapes yet, but I hope to find time for them in the future.

Here is my YouTube channel:


Design and other creation

Ex Web Design

My first website had a black and white design. It was because I only presented Paintings on it. I wanted the color image to stand out as much as possible. This shot features on my social media. It captures important things in my artistic activity that were built on a reclining logo. It depicts my life path in creation.

Virtual studio

I used a green background in my videos. Because I didn't want the videos to have a solid color mundane background. So I created my studio in virtual form. And she changed the point of view during the cut.

OMV Tunisia Nawara - Natural gas

I worked with one person who worked on the construction of this complex. In North Africa. Personally, I am fascinated by 3D modeling of machines. And I cheer for everyone who moves in that direction. From machines to computer games.

The design of the ex site www.creationkk.com in black colors.

The site consisted only of image icons and a personalized font based on my actual handwriting. I created my first custom website according to my ideas and a special drawing of icons.

Own real studio

In order to have more space for realization, I rented premises and created a Atelier. However, life is not always a button. And so for now, I'm without him and I'm not doing art anymore. I had art supplies like in a store. It was very fulfilling, I was in my world of color and artistic creation.

A short shot from the studio of custom-made paintings.

Memorial photos

Ralph a Pearl


Why ordinary R? ( No. There is also P and 2x K :)
Pearl is a smaller block where there is a description, analysis, sketches of my works that Ralf contains. It contains all thoughts about colors and technique to realize.
Ralf is a robust large block that contains Hyper-Realistic drawings. The drawings are sorted according to studies, how one learns in my art school:-D
Man & All kinds of animals of the world
Skeleton, Musculature, Body, Incorporating into space with background / Image
Plants & Minerals & Rocks
Each kind separately on A3 paper / Incorporating into background space / Image
Ludolph is a notebook that contains drawings, watercolor sheets and black paper. The works are realistic and expressionistic. They capture their own free creation. The technique used is Watercolor / Acrylic / Dry & Greasy pastel / Graphic pencil.
( Detail, but the backs are embroidered in a K shape. )

The wave that hit me :)

You too?

I'm currently working on helping entrepreneurs build their brand. You can read everything in the introduction of the main page. www.karinkarren.art I also start another business like: 
www.valsorim.sk - All in one 
www.3DModelStudio.eu - 3D modelácia
www.webnaklik.sk - Creating a website for acceptable sumu
www.kniznerarity.sk - Selling used books

In leisure time

I love hiking, music, and reading God's Word. I created a YouTube channel where I want to gradually add videos where I quote the Word of God and its interpretation.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNMvfVK4_kFofbjxUw6-9nQ 
Among other things, I like to bake desserts. But I also fry cutlets from 3kg of meat.: )

Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day