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About my work

Welcome to the website where your company gains a digital dimension full of innovation and creativity.
My aim is to provide services that transform your brand into an online phenomenon, ensuring its growth and prosperity.As your virtual assistant, I am ready to support you every step of the way. From professional web design and SEO optimization to effective social media marketing. I offer unique solutions, such as social media management to increase your visibility, and strategic branding-focused marketing. I create multilingual content and copywriting, professional graphics, and customized logo design. Whether you aim to increase engagement with your followers or require comprehensive website management, I am here for you. Start your journey to digital success - discover how a professional virtual assistant and innovative services can propel your business forward.


If you can't handle the lyrics, leave it to me. Whether you need texts for the web, for advertising or you need to create a script to reach clients. Essays in any language.

Content schedule for 30 days in advance

At the beginning of the cooperation I will send you a plan with the content for the whole month. During the month, online communication to improve the content according to your taste.

Actively increasing followers

Creating posts, responding to customers, designing marketing strategy, crafting stories, maintaining communication with customers and building the brand.


Creation of marketing materials, management and creation of campaigns (Google, FB, IG), SEO, copywriting, social media management.

Web and e-shop development

Creation of the website/eshop, its management, adding products and creating descriptions, creating content and graphics... Translation into other languages to break into foreign countries.

Video and Audio

Creating video workflows, securing commercially licensed music or creating promo videos. UGC videos according to client requirements.


From designing professional logos, to creating banners, posters, business cards, wedding announcements, to creating animated videos.


Comparison, information retrieval, research, working in Excel, working with data, processing large amounts of information...

Translations and texts

I can provide translations FROM and TO English, German or outsource professional translation in any language. I will edit and check the grammar of texts.


  • Posters up to A3 format.
  • Photos
  • Printing on CD
  • Printing of books in V1 and V2 binding.
  • Design of envelopes
  • I am equally involved in transcribing existing physical books into PDF format and then reissuing and reprinting them.
  • Are you an aspiring writer and want to have a book printed in a minimal quantity for a trial run? We'd be happy to give you the opportunity for a minimal cost and quantity. Starting from just one book.
  • ( If your content would be full value we will allow you to promote or sell through our e-shop. )



  • Creating posts 12x
  • Making stories 4x
  • Detailed analysis of followers
  • Manage comments
  • Content schedule for 30 days in advance



  • Creating posts 16x
  • Making stories 8x
  • Creating reels videos 2x
  • Detailed analysis of followers
  • Monthly report
  • Manage comments
  • Content schedule for 30 days in advance



  • Creating posts 20x
  • Making stories 16x
  • Creating reels videos 4x
  • Detailed analysis of followers
  • Monthly report
  • Manage comments
  • Content schedule for 30 days in advance
  • Active monitoring of trends
  • Actively increasing followers

10€ / hour

My work is counted by real time worked thanks to the Togle timer. So companies pay for real work without breaks and do not deduct taxes thanks to CSR. The plus is that they can include my work in their costs.

Do you want a tailor-made service package?


Social network management

Posts on networks, their graphics and engaging text. Graphics from photos to animations to longer videos.

Website / E-shop

Complete graphic design for the original page according to the requirements (From color scheme through layout.)
Or page through Wordpress, choosing the design.
Also site management, active uploading of materials + quality copywriting.

Logo / Promotional items

The visualisation of your logo is important for future promotion and also for your motivation.


Captivate the audience with unique photographs that are original.

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