List of total services offered



·       Customer email support H

This is a general depreciation on universal questions from customers, such as finding out how long it will take to deliver a package, questions about payment, shipping, pricing, or stock availability.

·       Technical email support H

Reply to the customer's email, but with the difference that I will technical support and I will answer technical/professional questions about products.

·       Creating sales emails and newsletters F

Write an email that the person will be interested in, understand and be even want to read it.

·       Technical setup of emails and bulk mailing F / H

Select which customers should receive this email (e.g. customers who have purchased in the last 3 months), set up automatic send to a specific date and time at which the email should be sent automatically, set up a measurement of clicks on the link in the email, or set the email footer to unsubscribe option (which is mandatory by law).

·       Editing / proofreading emails F

Editing the grammar and stylistics of already written of emails/concepts. e.g. email proofreading services, where every single email before you check or edit every single email you send.

·       Analysis of the success of emails F

Report what emails people open the most and based on that suggest what newsletters will be created in the next period.



·       Customer support on social networks H

There are companies or even more often influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers and they don't have time to respond and write back to every message that that comes in. That's why they often find a virtual assistant, who they give access to their account and who will manage their messages - write off any collaborations, block inappropriate users, check for tags in other profiles, delete inappropriate comments, and etc. As a social media administrator, I won't be creating any content, just writing off and check messages or comments.

·       Facebook Group Admin F / H

There are many private groups that have thousands of members and and every day there's something going on. But since people often post inappropriate posts, each post needs to be checked before it is posted and manually
approved, which the main admin/owner of the group doesn't always have time to do. As a FB administrator of the group I will check and approve new posts, block members who behave against the rules and I will welcome new members. This way I can moderate Whatsapp or Telegram groups as well.

·       FB page management F / H

Who is not on social networks today, as if they did not exist. But a lot of entrepreneurs don't have time to think about what FB posts to create, how to describe them, etc. As a virtual assistant, I will be in charge of the whole content to be posted on the FB page of the company in question, including stories, reels and comments. This service also includes creating graphics or taking photos of products. Once in a while, also organizing a contest. Growth of new follwers.

·       IG account management F / H

Similar to Facebook, which we described above, I will be in charge of all the content that's posted on the Instagram
(These services are often linked together to manage FB + IG at the same time, as it is inefficient to have 1 person on FB and 1 person on IG.)

·       Manage your LinkedIn account F / H

LinkedIn is a professional social network where companies add content to help them find new colleagues, employees and collaborations. Like as a virtual assistant, I may be in charge of the content that is published on this network, including making new connections, finding potential employees, reaching out to potential partners, etc.

·       Manage Twitter F / H

Twitter is not very popular in Slovakia (e.g. in compared to FB), but there are companies that use it and are looking for someone to to get their hands on this account. Managing and creating content or communicating with fans.

·       TikTok account management F / H

TikTok is on the rise and many companies are starting to use it to increase their reach and engage new audiences. Creating videos like the ones on TikTok are trending.

·       Manage your Pinterest account F / H

Create content and gain viewership.

·       YouTube message F / H

YouTube comment moderation or deletion inappropriate comments and blocking users during the live stream. Alternatively I can help the creator with the creation of the videos themselves, writing descriptions for the videos,
finding sources, music, etc.

·       Social media audit F

The task is to check all the posts that a given page has published and give them honest feedback on what can be improved, what content could customers would be more interested in and suggest a better content creation strategy. Each month I can evaluate old posts and which posts people responded best and which ones had the biggest impact, I can design a task posts/stories for the next month.

·       Influencer marketing H

i.e. reaching out to an influencer, getting a quote for cooperation, preparation of a contract, where the terms of cooperation are written, supervising the fulfilling the conditions, checking the influencer's contributions, evaluating the cooperation, etc.

·       Creation of advertising posts for FB + IG F

I will design and create the visual of the advertisement according to the client's brief. Graphic designer + copywriter with a focus on Fb advertising.

·       Monthly report of advertising campaigns on FB + IG F

As in the previous point - I will be in charge of creating the ads, except I'll also set them up, run them, and evaluate them. The task is remarketing, evaluating ads, optimizing ads, or creating a report on end of the month.

·       Google Ads ad account management F

Google Ads is the platform through which ads are run on Google. This platform is used by very many companies. The challenge is to analyse on which keywords to run ads for, which keywords to target how often in a month are searched for, create the ad itself (headlines, descriptions...) and over the course of the month optimize and report.

·       SEO - search engine optimization F

Adjusting the site so that it is on higher positions in the search engines. This includes on-page SEO (things that are on the site, like content, site structure, keywords, headings...) and off-page SEO, which is mainly linkbuilding.

·       TikTok ads F

Creating, setting up and evaluating ads on TikTok. In TikTok advertising, there is less competition and more chances to get a foothold.

·       Off-line advertising F / H

Providing print advertising in magazines, banner design advertising, billboards. The task is to find a free billboard and then contacting the owner with interest in renting it, it can be the establishment of cooperation with a magazine and advertising in it, etc.

·       Website translation F

I can translate your website into English, German, Russian,Slovak, Czech.

·       Creation of the web F

Proactively manage the site according to the news.

·       Web analytics F

Google Analytics implementation, web data evaluation,
evaluation of customer behaviour, suggestions for recommendation and modification of the website.


·       Search for information H

Search all information. From finding new suppliers, through finding the cheapest competitors, to finding emails to potential customers. I will be writing this information in Word and Excel.

·       Creating / managing tables H

A million numbers, I'll line it up nicely in a spreadsheet and keep it update it.

·       Transcription of video and audio files H

It may be that at a meeting or a meeting, they will put their ideas record them so they don't forget them. The task will be to transcribe the recording into text and put it into into a nice and understandable form.

·       Database building H

Collect emails and update the database of potential clients. You can search for contacts of different companies or people in a specific area. They are looking for contacts of potential clients that you could Reach out to.

·       Editing documents F

PDFs that will need to be split, edited or otherwise convert to another file, etc. Edit, format and save documents e.g. to the cloud.

·       Creating forms and questionnaires F

Google Surveys, creating a questionnaire/feedback, for example "anonymous questionnaire after order delivery" and send out to your customers. Then I will evaluate the responses and present the results to the client.

·       Preparation of training materials F / H

Creation of a handbook for students, staff, clients.

·       Translation of texts F / H

Any length and in any language.

·       Search for collaborators H

As an assistant, I can search for employees and for the company, whether recommend interesting candidates who might be interested in the position. Your job will be to look at profiles on Profession, or search for people through Linkedin.

·       Survey F /H

Every company needs to have insight into the competition. A research task can be to find out at what prices
competitors are selling particular products, then write down the comparison. A create a report with recommendations for price changes. But within the survey I can compare different price offers, compare the advantages and disadvantages of new suppliers, etc.


·       Creating photos F

Take pictures of their products. Use them on social media.

·       Photo editing / retouching F

Have your finished photos (or take them myself) edited by assignment, e.g. adding text, filter or music to the image.

·       Creating videos F

Videos are the best tool today to get attention on social networks. For example, create a video about how your product is used, how to unpack it, etc. Or promotion. Creating animated videos is also popular videos, reels on Instagram or TikTok videos.

·       Video editing F

Video editing according to requirements.

·       Creating subtitles for videos F

They are an advantage to reels videos (especially when one can't have the sound on.)

·       Formation of social security contributions networks F

Engaging Posts.

·       Creation of posters F

Posters for prom, meetings, banners, as well as announcements and invitations.

·       Creating presentations F

Powerpoint presentation on the topic you need.

·       Logo creation F

Vector graphics or 3D.

·       Basic editing of audio files F

Cut, add or remove a voice, add a soundtrack, or background music to podcasts.

·       Photoshop services F

Any graphics editing via Photoshop.

·       Writing articles F

I'll look up the sources on the internet, do a summary and write blog article on the topic you specify.

·       Creating descriptions for web/eshop F

Coming up with a description for a product on the eshop that convinces the customer and presents all the features, benefits or advantages.

·       Design of web/eshop graphics F

Bespoke page design.